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3/25/21 - Sports

Lake Nona Performance Club partners with InClubGolf

A new facility headed to the Lake Nona Performance Club can help improve your golf game.

The center, which will open in August, has partnered with InClubGolf, an indoor high-tech golf training company, to debut a location at the Lake Nona club. InClubGolf will offer “independent memberships for customized golf training with full access to automated, state-of-the-art technology coupled with the personalized guidance of a highly qualified PGA Professional,” and will be open for golfers of all skills and ages, said a release.

This would be the golf company’s second location in the world, with its first at the Newtown Athletic Club in Newtown, Pennsylvania.

“To be viable, we had to go beyond the structural design,” said Hervey Lavoie, president of InClubGolf, in a prepared statement. “As an avid golfer myself, I knew that too often indoor golf programs end up being seasonal and unsustainable because they only offer a hitting bay and by-the-hour access to a PGA Pro. With LNPC, we have created a successful, year-round independent membership option that eliminates hourly limitations and gives members full access to the newest indoor golf technology. We are committed to a personalized master training plan with shorter, more frequent lessons interspersed with informed practice and professionally supervised play both indoors and on the course.”

For the full article, visit the Orlando Business Journal online.

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